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Centaur High Tensile Polymer Horse Fencing - What Is It?

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What is HTP?

High Tensile Polymer fencing, commonly called HTP fencing, is designed to safely contain horses. HTP fencing features high tensile steel wires that are coated in polymer. The wires lend the fence great strength and durability, while the polymer coating means that the fence has a flexible finish that will absorb the horse’s impact, rather than shattering or breaking.

While wood and PVC fences are strong, they are also flawed: these fencing types can shatter and splinter upon impact, which can create devastating injuries in a horse. Additionally, horses can break through these fences easily, leaving them loose and in a dangerous situation. HTP fencing provides a more forgiving barrier which, while keeping the horse safely contained, flexes and absorbs the energy of a collision without threatening the horse’s safety.

HTP fencing is available in a variety of styles, including HTP Rail and HTP Line, so you have a fence that has an attractive, traditional style while offering the benefits of this innovative technology. Available in a variety of colors, HTP fencing is virtually maintenance-free and is highly durable.

If you already own Centaur Fencing products, check out this video tutorial on installing centaur fencing.

How Electric HTP Works

Electric HTP, also known as Hot-Coat HTP, combines the strength and durability of HTP fence with the added deterrent of electrical fence, all while keeping horses safe. Electric HTP is made of three galvanized high tensile steel wires which are polymer coated. The fencing conducts electricity, so it can be electrified to help deter horses from challenging the fence, along with offering protection from predators trying to get into the fence. Electric HTP can also absorb impact, reducing the chance of a horse being injured if he should run into the fence.

When electrified, an Electric HTP fence will deliver a shock to any horse or animal that touches the fence. By adjusting the fence charger, you can tailor the shock so that it is strong enough to startle the animal without causing any real harm or injury. Horses will quickly learn to associate touching the fence with the delivery of a shock, and will adjust their behavior to avoid the fence. Because Electric HTP trains horses to avoid touching the fence, horses are less likely to lean on or challenge the fence, reducing the amount of maintenance needed and wear on the fence.

In addition to serving as a safe and effective barrier, Electric HTP offers an attractive appearance that brings the look of a traditional horse farm to your property. Its smooth lines and excellent visibility make it an excellent choice when selecting fencing based on appearance, and Electric HTP is available in a variety of colors.

With a variety of fencing types available, Centaur Fencing can help you to keep your horses safely contained in style.

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