How To Install Centaur Fencing
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How To Install Centaur Fencing

The following set of videos will walk you through nearly everything you need to know about how to install horse fence (specifically Centaur Fencing products). If you have any further questions before or after purchase, then please let us know and we'd be happy to help.

Feel free to download the Centaur Fencing Installation Manual and Sales Brochure here as well.



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Before You Dig

  1. Check for utility lines
  2. Call 811 or visit

Tools for Fencing

  1. String for measurements
  2. Measure tape (3-5 ft)
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Level
  6. Knife (locking blade)
  7. Heavy Wire Cutters
  8. Pliers
  9. Wire stripper
  10. Hammer
  11. Power Drill (Battery Operated) – Long (3/8 auger) & short bit (3/8)
  12. Ratchet (3/4 socket)
  13. Ratchet Handle
  14. Crimping Tool
  15. Marking paint

Fence Layout gettingstarted

  1. Where are prop lines
  2. Where will gates be?
  3. Post distance (8, 10, 12?)
  4. Rail Spacing (inside placement)
  5. Type of end/gate bracing?
    1. Horiz diag
    2. Horiz
    3. Diag
  6. Corner Bracing
    1. Rounded (recommended)
    2. Double 45 (recommended)
    3. 90 deg
  7. Termination type
    1. End staple
    2. One-way barrel
    3. Terminator Buckle
  8. Two-way barrel tensioner? Locations?
  9. Mail labels to centaur fence systems for warranty
  10. Mark w/paint corners and gate locations
  11. Place stob at each paint point and draw string across each one
  12. Use power auger, gas auger, or post hole digger
  13. Bell-shaped post hole for end/corner posts (higher strength
  14. Verify hole depth (36 in x 12 in wide) min
  15. Place staples half in on base of posts before placing in cement (10)
  16. Tamp gravel or dirt around post base before cement
  17. Squaring corners tip
    1. Measure 3 ft & mark
    2. Measure 4 ft &mark
    3. Diagonal must be 5 ft

Horiz-Diag Brace Assembly

Horiz Brace Assembly

Diag Brace Assembly

5-post corner assembly

Double 45 brace assembly

Line Post installation - Rail

  1. Mark post placement (8,10,12 ft spacing) (closer posts = stronger fence)
  2. Place posts (Auger, hydraulic post driver)
  3. Place posts at 60 in high
  4. Curved fence line needs concrete reinforcement (see vid for diagram)

Identifying Top Line

  • Determine Final Post Height (ex. 55 in)
  • Mark post and attach string
  • Continue with string
  • Mark Where string touches
  • Remove excess post height (optional)
  • Installing Brackets, Marking Posts

  • Use Template to mark bracket locations (bottom of bracket)
  • Installing Brackets

  • Nail/screw bottom of bracket to post (2.5 in decking screw or 3.5 in rinkshank nail)
  • Open bracket
  • Make sure brackets line up vertically
  • Termination Rail, End Staple Procedure

    Termination Rail, 1-way Barrel Tensioner

    Paying/Pulling Out Rail

    1. Remember warranty
    2. Use Spinning Jenny

    Installing 1-way Barrel Tensioner

    Installing 2-way Barrel Tensioner

    Installing Barrel Tensioners & Maintaining your Rail

    Splice Cover Techniques

    Hot Rail Connections

    Hot Rail over 2-way Barrel Tensioner

    Single Strand Installation

    Marking Posts for Strand

    Installing Lag Corner Insulator

    Insultube w/ White Lightning

    T-Post w/ Sleeve

    T-post w/o sleeve

    Wood Posts

    Fencers Lasso

    Polyplus Method

    Paying Strands

    Splicing Strands Wirelink

    Splicing Techniques Crimping Sleeves

    Warranty Strand

    Solar Energizer

    Plug-in Energizer