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HTP Horse Fencing: The Advantages

Posted by Austin Allgaier on

Advantages of HTP Rail Fencing

If you’re looking for the picturesque appearance of the traditional wooden horse fence, Centaur Fencing's HTP Rail has the same appearance of wood without the same high maintenance. HTP will not splinter, rust, or rot, and is highly durable. Horses cannot crib on HTP rail, because of its smooth surface, and the fence is designed to withstand the expansion and contraction caused by fluctuating weather. While you need to paint, repair, and re-nail wood fencing on a regular basis, HTP Rail is virtually maintenance-free, reducing your labor time and cost.

HTP Rail offers superior safety, thanks to its innovative design. High tensile steel wires that have been polymer-coated lend the fence incredible strength, while also absorbing impact without splintering. HTP Rail is designed as a single line of fencing, adding to its impact absorbing capability. The fencing is available in a variety of different sizes, all of which have different break strengths, so you can choose the fence size that is appropriate for your horses.

In short, HTP Rail offers an attractive appearance – and it’s available in a variety of colors. This fencing creates a solid barrier to keep your horse contained, while also absorbing impact and keeping your horse safe. This attractive fencing can add value to your property while requiring little maintenance.

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Advantages of HTP Line Fencing

HTP Line Fencing offers the strong and safe advantages of HTP fence while creating a sleek, minimal fencing appearance. HTP Line features high tensile steel wire coated in polymer. The polymer coating makes the wire a more horse-friendly horse fencing options, keeping it from cutting into a horse’s coat while still allowing the line to be both flexible and strong.

If you’re looking to bring a modern touch to your property, HTP Line may be the way to go. The fencing is sophisticated and professional looking, and won’t rust, stretch, or fade. Highly durable, HTP line is strong enough to keep your horses contained. Additionally, it will not cut or cause abrasions, so even the injury-prone horse can be safely contained with HTP Line.

HTP Line is low-cost and easily customizable; you can add as many lines into your fencing as necessary. Its excellent durability means that it is a good fencing choice even in harsh climates. Because HTP Line is thin, coupling the line with a top rail of visibility fencing can make it more easily visible to horses .

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