You’ve Heard of Centaur Fencing – This is What Centaur Is All About
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You’ve Heard of Centaur Fencing – This is What Centaur Is All About

Posted by Austin Allgaier on

Centaur Fencing is one of the most recognized brands in horse fencing today. Offering a variety of fencing types, Centaur Fencing ensures that you can find the fencing that is just right for your farm and intended use.

About Centaur Fencing

Centaur HTP Fencing Systems is known for its innovative horse fencing. The horse’s safety is of utmost importance to the Centaur team, and Centaur offers the safest and most durable fencing available, while still being economical. Best of all, Centaur continues to develop and advance its products, incorporating the latest technological and material developments to expand and update its fencing products. Serving horse owners for more than 30 years, Centaur is a well-known name recognized for its dedication to safety and quality.

Why Was Centaur Started?

In 1980, Ed Robbins, the founder of Centaur Fencing, witnessed the kind of accident that no horseperson ever wants to have to see. His friend, an equine vet, had purchased new horse property with wood rail fencing. The vet turned his polo string out in the field, and the two watched as one of the horses mangled himself in the fence. The horse’s injuries were so severe that he had to be euthanized.

Having witnessed this tragedy, Ed began to analyze the safety of existing horse fencing materials. In doing this, he found a problem: traditional fencing materials simply weren’t safe for horses. Ed set about creating a fence that would be as safe as possible, containing the horse but offering gentle flex to lessen the impact in the event that a horse collided with the fence.

Ed Robbins founded Centaur in 1980, and since then the company has been dedicated to creating the safest horse fencing available. Learn more at or on our home page.

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