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White Lightning Coated Electric Wire

White LIghtening

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The White Lightning Coated Electric Wire is Centaur's Premier electric wire fencing. Its safety is unparalleled, featuring a polymer-coated wire in addition to the electricity run through it, keeping your horses safe and secure within a high-quality Centaur fence. The best electric wire fence in the industry. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Polymer-coated 12.5 gauge high-tensile galvanized steel wire
    Superior safety - No slicing or cutting injuries
  • Highly visible with polymer and highly charged black carbon
    Fewer accidents and less damaged fence
  • Three shock point technology
    Provides 360 degree conductivity
  • Easily combined with other Centaur fencing
    Can easily fit your budget or design needs
  • White Lightning is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
    Centaur products are manufactured in the USA
  • 1320 ft. of Single 12.5-guage coated steel wire
    Minimum break strength of 1,400 lbs
  • Prices starting at $0.13 per foot (single line)

Warranty: 20-Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Centaur High Tensile Wire

"I am a big fan of Hi-Tensile wire fencing and have used it around livestock and horses since the early 80's and have had really good success. I have had no major problems with using Hi-Tensile for horses.”

Hagerstown, MD

Centaur HTP

"I had the Centaur fence installed six years ago and it has been a great product, I would use it again.”

Brand: White Lightning
Type: Electric Fencing/High Tensile (Wire)
Product #: 380006, 380008, 380010
Size: One 1,320-ft roll
Color: White, Black, Brown
Ideal Uses: Keeping horses in and predators out

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