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PolyPlus Coated Horse Fencing


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The Poly Plus Coated Horse Fencing is Centaur's premier non conductive wire fencing. It's safer than normal wire fencing because it is specially coated with a unique polymer blend that will prevent cutting or hurting the horses. It's much, much better for a horses health than barbed wire or other cheap wire fencing options. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Polymer-coated 12.5 gauge high-tensile galvanized steel wire
    Superior safety - No cuts or abrasions
  • Highly visible with polymer and highly charged black carbon
    Less accidents, no rust, no stretch, no fade
  • Easily combined with other Centaur fencing
    Can easily fit your budget or design needs
  • Polyplus is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA
    Centaur products are manufactured in the USA
  • 1320 ft. of Single 12.5-guage coated steel wire
    Minimum break strength of 1,400 lbs
  • Prices starting at $0.11 per foot (single line)

 20 year limited manufacturer warranty

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Brand: PolyPlus
Type: High Tensile Polymer (HTP)
Product #: 380034, 380036, 380038
Size: One 1,320-ft roll
Color: Black, White, Brown
Ideal Uses: Keeping horses in and predators out

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