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One Way Anchor Vise for Grape Trellis, Fencing, etc. - 10 Pack


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The One Way Anchor Vise works like a zip tie, allowing wires to run through one way, but catching them before sliding back the other direction. It's useful for grape trellises, but is equally high quality when running wire fencing. Its strength and reliability are paramount, and the One Way Anchor Vise delivers. 


Use This One Way Anchor Vise For:

-Horse Fencing

-Grape Trellis Systems

-Garden Systems

Your Size Choice Of:

-8, 9, 10, and 11 gauge wire

-12.5 gauge wire

-14.5 - 16 gauge wire


Wire passes through one end of the vise but will not release, holding your wire in place to your posts. Comes 10 per pack. 

Great For Use As A Wire Vise In Grape Trellises and Similar Applications:


Perfect For Anchoring All Types of Line Fencing:

Installation Instructions & Details:

Installation of the one-way vice requires that you drill a hole through your post, insert the lines fencing or wire, and thread it through the wire vise on the other side. Once pulled through, the anchor vise prevents slippage and allows for tightening. Once the vise is placed and the line/wire inserted, the vise needs to be anchored to the post using the two screw holes on either corner of the vise's flat, square surface.

Once installed, you will want to stretch your line to the proper tension. For use in fencing applications a ratchet tensioner may be required to obtain optimal tension levels. For use in a grape trellis or similar constructions, you may be able to tighten the wire by hand.

Also known as a wire vise, wire vice, anchor vise, anchor vice.

These wire vises are perfect for use with:

Centaur Polyplus Wire

Centaur White Lightning

Please note that most fencing applications require tensioning from both ends of the fence line.

Note: Using anchor vises and through-post line installation can lead to lines rubbing and wearing against the post. To reduce this possibility, include an electric line along the top of your fence line which will prevent leaning, cribbing, and other activities which cause the line-post abrasion. Use of Insultube linings can also help reduce this abrasion and prevent premature wear of your lines.


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