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What To Look For In A Fence

Containment Strength: 

How many animals and the the type will really determine how strong your fence needs to be. An area designed to contain a stallion may require for rails with eight food post spacing while one for mares may require three rails with twelve foot post spacing. Reinforced flexible fencing is one of the strongest fences available. 

Safety for a Strong, Safe Fence:

While a stronger fence can also be safer, you need to know how the fence material reacts when subjected to significant impact. Braided rope can break easily, tangling the horse's legs and causing panic. Wood and rigid PVC fencing will break and splinter. Woven wire contains spaces that can trap a horses hoof, especially a foal. Safety-coated high tensile wire and reinforced flexible rail fencing will rebound on impact, almost completely eliminating the chance of serious injury. 

Cost and Maintenance:

Budget drives many decisions when it comes to fencing projects. Safety-coated high tensile wire is an inexpensive choice and requires little in long-term maintenance. Centaur fencing is comparable in cost to wood fencing, without the long-term maintenance and repair costs

Ease of Installation:

Do-it-yourselfers looking for a quick to install fence will find safety-coated high tensile products like Centaur's easy to install. For first time fence installers, the Centaur installation DVD and installation manual will guide you through the seven easy steps to a professional installation. For those who prefer the experience of a professional fence installer, Centaur has a world-wide network of certified installers. 

Appearance - Initial and Long Term:

Selecting a fence that will visually compliment your property is an important consideration. Reinforced flexible fencing replicates the traditional look of wood rail fence while maintaining its appearance with little maintenance and upkeep 

When planning your fence, ask yourself the following questions:

Which horse-friendly fence product or combination of products am I most interested in? How many rails or strands of each product are necessary to contain my animals? What will my line spacing be?