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Find The Best Horse Fencing Option For You

  • What is the best type of fence for my needs?
  • How much fence should I buy? What else do I need?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What charger do I need for my electric fencing?
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Bob Brady, Lexington, KY farm manager, reports that he “replaced 15 miles of wood fence and a 3-man crew with the Centaur system.” His farm will reap decades of lower maintenance costs while increasing the safety for their valuable stock.


I needed something that would keep my horses safe and let me once again enjoy seeing those beautiful flights across the field. I chose Centaur. I can feel safe as my partner leaps and careens down the steep and muddy hill, if he can't stop, Centaur will protect him.


After installing Centaur fence several months ago at our home, we realized that our six month old grandson is equally as excited about the new fence as we are...

-Scott & Kimberly

Horse Fencing Options For All Your Needs

  • Safe & affordable fencing ranging from simple wire/line fencing to high tensile polymer line or rail fencing. All our fencing is backed by various guarantees and the safest fencing available.
  • Electric & non-electric fencing is available. We will even work with you to design a more affordable "hybrid" between electric and non-electric options.
  • During the day speak with our experts and get the help you need to build the best setup for your situation. We can help you decide on fencing type, charger power, and fence design to make sure our fencing fits your needs.

Do you already know what horse fencing you need?

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