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Fencing Packages

Each Centaur Fencing system is designed to work with specific Centaur components that make your fence function in the safest, strongest, and most efficient way possible. No matter what you need we here at Redstone Supply are here to make sure you get the right parts for your specific setup.

Not Sure Where to Start?

You have two options:

    1. If you've ordered Centaur products before or feel comfortable ordering all the products you need on our site, you can find all the components for each different system and place the order yourself. Here are our different systems:
      1. Centaur HTP - The original Centaur rail fence product
      2. Cenflex - Designed to fit a lower budget than the Centaur HTP product
      3. Hot Rail - Centaur HTP with a conductive polymer top
      4. Poly Plus - Polymer-coated high tensile steel wire
      5. White Lightning - Conductive design of polymer-coated steel wire
    2. If this is your first order or you are short on time, we are here to help. We work with 100s of people each month to put together custom fencing packages to fit their individual needs. All we need is a few different pieces of information from you about your project (More info on our Get A Quote page):
      1. Linear Footage of Your Fence
      2. # of Rails or Strands
      3. # of Corners
      4. # of Gates
      5. Distance Between Posts
Once you have all that information please contact us and we'll run all the numbers for you and let you know how much of each product you'll need to complete your project.
You can contact us on the phone at 815-496-6176, by email at sales@redstonesupply.com, or by filling out this online quote form.