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Sure-Fit T-Sleeve Clips


  • 2025
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The Sure-Fit T-Sleeve clips are a safe way to reliably attach fencing wires or braids to your sleeves, and are especially compatible with the Sure-Fit Safety Sleeves. Can be used with all of Centaur's wire fencing solutions, including White Lightning and Poly Plus. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Safety-Sleeve Clips are used to attach fencing wires or braids to the Sure-Fit® Safety Sleeves
  • They feature an insulated coating to prevent shorting of electrical wires
  • Use coated clips to attach wire

​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: PolyPlus

Type: Fasteners/Clips, Covers
Product #: 385259, 385260
Color: White, Black
Size: 50/pack
Ideal Uses: Attaching fencing wires or braids to safety sleeves

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