Red Sizzle | 62MBS 6.5J Multi-Powered Energizer – Centaur Fencing
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Red Sizzle | 62MBS 6.5J Multi-Powered Energizer

Red Sizzle | 62MBS 6.5J Multi-Powered Energizer

Red Sizzle

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Our multi-use energizer can be used in plug in, battery, or solar power applications. Ideal for larger pastures.

Powers up to 62 miles of fence
Controlled Animals: Cattle, Horse, Pig, Bull, Sheep, Goat, Deer, Wolf, Rabbits, Raccoon, Bear, Dog, Poultry
6.5J stored joules energy
3.5J maximum output

  • For best long-term performance, install 62MBS in a covered area if possible or place inside a ventilated weatherproof box. 
  • The 6 LED indicator lights provide the voltage performance of your fence.
  • Safe using low impedance shock technology.
  • At a glance, know that your fence is operational with our power LED light.
  • Medium energizer to deter even the most difficult animals to contain: stallions, bulls, or goats.
  • Made of a durable construction. It will not rust, corrode, is shock resistant, and made with built in lightening protection. Product is made with IP54 weather resistance.
  • Fast Installation with convenient rear mounting hole.
  • Top Handle provides great portability for a temporary application.
  • Built in high voltage circuit protection or voltage surges.
  • Can be used with external 12V battery or solar panel (sold separately)

Distance powers: 62 mia
Input Voltage: 12 V
Maximum stored energy: 6.5 J
Maximum output energy: 3.5 J
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Volume: 11" x 10" x 4.1"

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