2 1/2 Inch Coated Screws – Centaur Fencing
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2 1/2 Inch Coated Screws


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Centaur now offers a specially coated screw that won't rust, so your fences will maintain their original color -- without rust stains. 

Features and Benefits:
  • This screw has a steel core with a special coating to prevent rust
  • The special coating is important because of the new pressure treating process
  • A typical deck screw will not last when used with pressure treated lumber or posts
  • Available in 2.5” Only
  • A screw has a greater holding strength than a ring shanked nail
  • The 2.5” screw is to be utilized with line post brackets when posts are in a straight line


​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: Centaur 

Type: Fasteners/Nails, Screws & Staples
Product #: 385367
Color: N/A
Size: 108/pack
Ideal Uses: Fastening electric horse fencing

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